Customs Broker

We take care of door to door service. We have the experience and deep knowledge of customs legislation, this means that we know the Customs procedures and the documentation requirements that must be followed.

We provide the following services:

  • Assesment on Registration as Importer / Exporter.
  • Tariff classification of the merchandise.
  • SIMI (Comprehensive Import Monitoring System), own or third parties.
  • Regulatory advice of requirements of the merchandise to be imported or exported.
  • Control and advice on documentation.
  • Import Costing, recoverable and non-recoverable values.
  • Officialization of the import clearance.
  • Coordination of cargo and internal transport to final destination.
  • Nationalization of the merchandise.
  • Free Zones IN & OUT.
  • Samples: for import/export procedure.
  • Comprehensive advice on New projects.
  • Application against other Entities (SENASA; ANMAT; Secretary of Industry, etc.).
  • Outsourcing of Comex departments.
  • Integral services in export operations.
  • Follow up of reimbursements.
  • Control of temporary importations.
  • Letter of credits.