We provide a wide range of logistics services around the world

International freight forwarder and customs broker

Smart Logistics offers international logistics services, whether air, maritime and multimodal, import and export including customs clearance.

We are proud to offer these services since 2008 with our highly qualified and experienced team.


With the quality of our service we have earned the trust of our customers.


By providing security to the operation at all stages we have become a reliable supplier.

Alfredo Garcia Samartino
Flexible, personalized and expeditious solutions.

We always provide the best solution for each client

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    Safe and reliable solutions

    Our Services

    Air Freight

    We can provide the comprehensive service that your company needs, in the field of urgent, valuable, fragile or special cargo, quickly by air.


    Ocean Freight

    We have more than thirty years of experience. During that time, we became experts in Ocean cargo and all its related services. We work closely with the main Shipping Companies in the world. Ongoing negotiations ensure that we always have the cargo space we need and the ability to offer you competitive rates.

    Customs Clearance

    Entrust us with your customs documents. We will perform a Door-to-Door service, which involves customs procedures, documentation requirements and appropriate and punctual handling in all stages of the process.

    Time Critical & Special Services

    The "Time critical" business is very demanding and requires knowledge and professionalism to achieve successful results. This service is always urgent. We know how to do it. We have a team of professionals to achieve it.

    Our Global Network

    To achieve true global reach and support we are a member of prestigious Forwarder networks around the world.

    This allows us to offer the best service option for each occasion and client.